Tommy’s has got a date with a Walleye in heaven now. Rock on’ Tadpole’. We’re gonna miss you. 

Tommy's Obituary

Thomas F. “Tadpole Tommy” Zinda, age 66 of Lake Tomahawk, WI  died on Wednesday May 12th at his residence.  Tommy was born on April 10, 1944 the son of Clement and Loretta (nee Heinzelman) Zinda.  He was best known as “Tadpole Tommy” of Tommy’s Fishing Adventures.

Survivors include his wife, Patricia Banks and by his children: Christopher (Heather) Zinda, Bradley Sage, Laura Sage, Karen Siebrecht, Donna (Jonathan) Sigouin, Laure (Thad) Willemsen and Sandy (Robert) Bauernfind and by his  Grandchildren: Arlo, Tristan, Natalie, Brooke, David, Megan, Adam, Amanda, Betsy, Sheila and Nathan and by his Sister: Pat (Dave) Baumgartner and by his loving Pets: Shiloh and Squirt and by countless friends.

Preceded in death by his former wives: Debbie Sage and Shirley Zinda

Celebration of Life for Tadpole Tommy will be held on Saturday June 5th at Heart II in Arbor Vitae, WI starting at 7:00pm.

In lieu of flowers memorials in memory of Tommy Zinda to the American Cancer Society.

I am a fisherman for life.

I will always be a fisherman.
It’s not something I do,
it is who I am.
Fishing is not an escape.
It is where I belong,
where I am supposed to be.
It is not a place,
but a lifelong journey.
It is a passage my father showed me,
and that I will show to others.
When you understand all of this,
you will know me,
and we will fish together.

Tommy's buddies got news that he was elected to the Hall of Fame the day before he died but were unable to get the info to him before he passed.  This certificate was presented to his wife, Pat, at the "Zinda Open" the weekend following.